[Inside MCA ] Fabian's interview


We meet Fabian, a consultant MCA Engineering who evolved as Business Manager in Munich. He reveals his experience:

1/ Could you introduce yourself shortly (studies, first jobs, how did you heard of MCA and why did you apply)

I was studying for a diploma in business engineering at the university of Schweinfurt/Würzburg. In between, I did a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering at the Napier university in Edinburgh. During my studies, I worked for ZF, Brose and Audi. At the time that I was searching for my first job, Carina wrote me over Xing about some interesting job entries with MCA. After a first interview via skype, I was pretty impressed about the possibilities in the company and then everything went his way.

2/ Can you tell us about a project you worked on when you were an MCA consultant?

In my first project as MCA consultant, I was working at Lear Corporation as a Project Engineer for seat foams. In the first three months, I was mainly responsible for the project controlling of a Porsche project. In that time, I learned a lot about foam from chemical side as well as from engineering side. After those three months, I was able to take over the full project responsibility for Porsche and later for some BMW projects.

3/ What did you enjoyed most about this project, and what have you learned?

As Lear is a very international company, I enjoyed working with lots of people from different ethnicities. In a second project, I was responsible for the BMW X3 China version. I had the pleasure to spend two and a half weeks at the plant in China. Of course, during the week it was a lot of hard work to do, but I could also enjoy the weekends there with my Chinese colleagues.

In total, I could improve my English skills, learn how to lead a project from engineering side and I have also learned that a car seat is much more complex than I first thought.

4/ Any advices for someone who would like to do the same career?

If some plans to work as a business manager, I definitely can recommend to work as a consultant in the first place. It helps a lot to know the consultant side in the first place. It is easier to understand the needs and how to handle problems from either consultant’s side, as well as from costumer side.

5/ What do you prefer about working with MCA?

For me personally the team atmosphere plays an important role. Even as a consultant, I always felt the belonging to MCA. This was also an important aspect, when I entered my position as Business Manager, to know that I suit in the team pretty well. The after-work parties, team events etc. at MCA are of course a thing I enjoy as well.

6/ In 3 words, how would you describe your current role as Business Manager?

Challenging, versatile, networking

7/ From consultant to Business Manager: how did it happen? How MCA followed you along this transition period?

My business manager Oliver Ries revealed the ways for my career in MCA from the early beginning of my first project. With the follow ups during my time as a consultant, we intensified the plans for my career after the project at Lear corporation and so everything went his way.

8/ What is your motto in life?

No matter how full your life may seem, there´s always place for a beer with your good friends.

9/ What is making you wake up every morning?

The buzzer of my smartphone…

10/ What would be the next step for you, career wise?

Hopefully to achieve the goals I have as a Business Manager and make it to a Senior Business Manager.

11/ What is your favorite professional memory?

When I was in China, I had the privilege to present my project in front of nearly 1000 people, together with a Vice president of Lear.

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