[FOCUS WEEK BY MCA] Timothée, AGV Architect at Renault

We had the pleasure of meeting Timothée, AGV Architect at Renault FLINS in France, for an interview about his job at Renault.

Hello Timothée, can you introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Timothée, I joined the MCA teams in February 2017 just after graduation.

I studied Supply Chain for 5 years. First with a DUT in Logistics and Transport before doing a 3rd year in Ireland and then my Master in Logistics at the school of Clermont-Ferrand.

How were you introduced to MCA?

I was first contacted after graduation by the MCA teams in Lille; North of France; before receiving a call from the Paris offices to start a first project at PSA.

What was your first customer project at MCA?

I started at PSA, as a Project Manager, on a job mainly focused on logistics. I started my mission at the same time as 4 other MCA engineers. We went on this new adventure together: for me, it was a real plus to be surrounded by this incredible team.

The goal of my project was to bring together two production buildings into one.At the time, the production lines were divided between two buildings, which caused cost management and production rates issues.

To prepare for the arrival of a new vehicle model, my team and I had to think about how to bring together the logistics areas of two production lines without losing productivity and speed.

Can you tell us more about the project you are currently working on at Renault, as an AGV Architect?

At the end of my project at PSA, my MCA manager offered me a completely different, yet very challenging & interesting project. He gave me a very good orientation by pointing out that this new mission could help me improving my skills; and that my global knowledge at this time largely enabled me to take on this role.

So I joined Renault FLINS as an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) architect.

On a daily basis, this involves designing tracks for AGVs. It is also a question of making plans and sizing the flow according to the production rate.

In your opinion, what are the qualities needed to succeed in this position?

Autonomy, flexibility and being proactive.

What do you like best about your current project?

Touching everything! I was able to discover automatism, the job of a project manager... I am developing multiple skills: in addition to my tasks as an AGV architect, I am also in charge of building sites (negotiating prices, making orders, coordinating and monitoring work).

How was lockdown for you? Wasn't it too complicated?

No, fortunately! At the beginning of the confinement, I received a new set of specifications to be processed for the Renault factory in Maubeuge. I ensured a strong continuity of service with Renault by processing this task. We had all the necessary computer equipment available, so it was not a problem.

How do you see yourself evolving professionally in a near future?

Well, I'm already in the process of evolving since I was very recently given the opportunity to manage the integration of Renault AGVs throughout France! As a consequence I'm moving from plant to plant to carry out these new projects. It's very rewarding!

How is your "life" at MCA going?

It's going great! There are many opportunities to meet new people: teambuildings, Meet up, end-of-year parties, etc. In fact, I strongly recommend my colleagues to take part in the Meet Up events in particular. We have the opportunity to present our client projects in front of an audience of engineers and to discover how other colleagues work. It's very interesting and the atmosphere is very good.

We warmly thank Timothée for telling us about his career at MCA and we wish him all the best for the future.

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