[ FOCUS ] Drin, Calibration Engineer at MCA Engineering GmbH

On the blog today, we introduce you to Drin, working as a Calibration Engineer in the automative industry, at MCA Engineering GmbH. If you are curious about this job position, keep on reading !

Hello Drin, could you introduce yourself shortly ?

Before I started with automotive engineering I tried myself in electrical engineering but quickly figured out that I really love mechanics and cars. Therefore I switched to auto-motive engineering, because I wanted to build up future technologies for the automotive industry.

During my studies, I made several internships at BMW incl. an international one in the USA to get in touch with different departments, to find out in which direction I want to develop myself. Furthermore, I took part in the Formula Student Team “munichmotorsport” of the UAS Munich as lead engineer for the cooling package of the combustion race car. This is also the place where my passion for the automotive industry got strengthened along 2 ½ years of intense work.

At the beginning of 2017, when I finished my diploma thesis I was looking for an opportunity to work on powertrain systems since I liked that the most. When I was approached by MCA, they had like the perfect project matching my personal goals and that's why I decided to join MCA in early 2017.

Can you tell us about the project you are currently working on at AWTCE/ BMW?

My current project at AWTC Europe, which I am working on as calibration engineer is manufacturing automatic transmissions for many OEM’s around the globe and in particular, here in Munich, we are working along with BMW to implement our product in BMW cars. Our common objective is to develop a comfortable and sporty driving pleasure for the customers purchasing the vehicles. Respecting different regulations regarding new emissions we also target on fuel economy and hybrid systems, which makes the project even more attractive being able to actively help reducing greenhouse gases in the future.

What do you enjoy most about this project, and what have you learned so far?

The most I enjoy about this project is working in an international team, dealing with our products on a daily basis and keep improving the quality constantly. Furthermore, we are going on several business trips which can be hard and challenging, but exciting as well.

When I started at AWTC Europe I had only some basic knowledge about automatic transmissions. In the beginning, I wasn’t so familiar with a control system of automatic transmissions at all, but soon I got the chance to get trained, learn a lot and finally being able to calibrate different functions. As this job is taking place about half of the time calibrating in the cars and on the other hand having a lot of planning and self-organization, it has a great variety of tasks.

Any advice for someone who would like to do the same career?

Try to find what you like the most, what keeps you driving and seeking for more. Even if it means trying out new things, you will still learn a lot, improve your skills and grow yourself.

For my current job it is not mandatory to have a mechanical or automotive background, even though it makes some things easier to understand. At least a technical background is needed to understand the impact of the controls on the drivetrain and drivability of the car. In addition, you have to be motivated working a lot and sometimes under pressure in order to achieve defined milestones. But if you love cars and developing them you will also love this job.

Would you see yourself continue working in the automotive field or would you like to change at some point?

Definitely yes, for me I knew this long time ago that this is where I want to work in. But I can imagine myself to move soon or later from a technical position more to a leading and controlling one since I enjoy acting as a window person to improve communication, understanding and quality of our products.

What do you prefer about working with MCA?

The most I prefer is the relation which I have with the managers and the trusting cooperation which allows and supports me developing myself in the best way.

If you had to describe MCA in 3 words what would they be?

Transparent, Innovative & Fun

Could you describe a typical day at work?

A typical day at work usually starts with coffee and reading emails, followed by planning the daily activity. After a briefing with the colleagues we usually go to the test track, sometimes we use our company car and sometimes prototype vehicles, which highly depends on the location of the test cars. Before going on the test track, I prepare the car and install the data which I intend to check. After several km and test patterns, the generated data needs to be analyzed and categorized. By this procedure and rating the shift quality while driving several data can be compared and the best set up can be achieved. The same procedure is applied for function development, where boundaries and conditions need to be exposed as well. Typically, the day ends with driving back to the office and sharing and discussing all new information and findings within the team face to face or via Email.

What would be the next step for you, career-wise?

Improve my general understanding of processes within the development chain. Focus on customer relations and promote further needs to guarantee vivid cooperations in the future.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about working in Munich? What activities you’d recommend to someone who wants to come for a weekend?

Munich is a great place to live and work with a big variety of activities. Of course, if you have the possibility I would recommend a visit during the amazing Octoberfest which usually start at the end of September, because this is one of kind experience.

On the other hand, I can recommend to visit the old town, get on top of the Olympia Tower and enjoy the amazing view including the alps if the weather allows so. Furthermore, you can have great dinner and drinks in several lively bars and restaurants around the city. The greater Munich area also offers lots of different lakes and parks where you can spend a great time with your beloved ones.

And lastly, one fun fact about you? 😊

I love spending time with friends and family, like doing sports together or just hanging around. Especially during summertime, I use to go swimming, biking or hiking – basically I like being outside in nature and having a great time. In contrast I also love working on my cars (currently 3), because there is always something that needs to be fixed or rebuild.

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