[ FOCUS ] Carina, Senior Recruiting Manager at MCA Engineering GmbH

Today we meet with Carina, Senior Recruiter within MCA Engineering in Germany. Carina is one of the key element of the team, always positive and willing to support people. Here is her interview :

Hello Carina, how are you? Thanks for participating to this interview. Could you present yourself quickly?

Hey, I'm fine, thanks! My name is Carina Schulz and I have been working at MCA for now 4.5 years. I started with an internship, stayed as Junior Recruiter and have been working as a Senior Recruiting Manager for 1.5 years now. Originally, I studied Classical Archaeology and then did an internship in Recruiting, which I really enjoyed!

In my private life I am very active in sports, but I also like baking and cooking together with friends or spending my times in the mountains, which are very close to Munich.

How were you first introduced to MCA? Have you heard of the company before? What made you apply there?

Honestly, I have never heard of MCA before I found the offer for the internship, but besides the tasks in the job description I liked the fact that the company was still relatively small at the time (around 30 employees in Munich) and that I was able to make a difference immediately as an intern! Then I met the team in person (especially Stephanie) and I was directly after the interview convinced that I want to be part of this.

Have you always been attracted by / wanted to work in the Engineering field? Was it your original career path or did it changed over time?

As you can imagine when you think about what I have studied, the Engineering field was quite far away from what dealt with the years before. When I started at MCA I found out that, actually, I’m also really enthusiastic about technology because I'm fascinated about what is possible these days.

You started at MCA as Junior Recruiter. Can you talk us through this job?

As a Junior Recruiter, you are already involved in different topics. Active sourcing plays a major role, i.e. actively writing to potential candidates via career networks to find the best talents for the different projects. Here you have to communicate a lot and, of course, deal with each person individually. In addition, you accompany the candidates through the entire process and always have close contact with the specialist department.

At the same time, you also have to be creative as a team when it comes to finding new ways to make MCA better known, to present yourself at trade fairs and to show the outside world how much fun working at MCA is!

What were the main challenges as well as what did you preferred while being a Recruitment Specialist?

The main challenge was to manage many different topics at the same time like coaching new Recruiters, working stronger together with the other departments, being up to date with new recruiting and employer branding trends and of course improving my own search and learn more about technical topics. But the different topics each day are a main reason, why I like to go to work every day 😊

You are now Senior Recruiting Manager. What would be your next step, now that you’re a Senior Recruiting Manager?

My goal is to support my Recruiters to be successful and happy at MCA and that they reach their own career goals (and I’m really glad to have a great team😊). As we are still growing and want to develop on the German market, there will always be great challenges!

What are the main qualities, in your opinion, to be a good Recruitment Officer?

I think you should definitely be a positive person who can also inspire other people. You should also be communicative and not afraid to talk to strangers. In addition, of course, a high degree of self-organization is also necessary, as you work independently in many things.

If you could describe MCA in 3 words, what would it be?

Personal, dynamic, challenging

What is your favorite MCA memory?

What I really enjoy are the many events where we meet our engineers. As a recruiter at MCA you don’t stop the connection with a candidate with the signature. We love to see them being part of MCA and how they develop and integrate in their projects. But my strongest memory is about the first time I met all the other Recruiters and Business Managers of MCA Group. It was a great feeling being part of such a big team and meet so many inspiring people.

Last but not least… Any fun fact about you? 😊

I like watching the people when I tell them, that I have studied Classical Archeology. Nobody expects this and it’s always fun to see their spontaneous reaction 😉

Thank you so much Carina for being part of this interview, we loved getting to know you a bit more. Here to more years withing MCA Engineering GmbH !

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